NDIS self management

The Choice is Yours

Once you have an NDIS plan you will have three choices on managing funds:
1. Agency Managed (Don’t even ask)
2. Plan Managed, and
3. Self Managed

Plan Management

Plan management has the advantage of taking away some of the work making claims and having out of pocket expenses.

Basically an accountant gets your invoices and pays them from your NDIS funds. This can be great but often if a support is not in you plan or they deem a service not related to the disability they will not pay. This differs from plan manager to plan manager.

Some will take up to a week or longer to pay and this can end up in you getting angry calls from your workers or therapists.

Plan managers are also restricted in the amount they can pay to providers and can be difficult regarding resources such as sensory equipment without justification from therapists.

Self Management

Self management may take a bit more time in terms of making the claims but trust me, it saves time and stress in the long run.

Self management is when you are responsible for making claims via the portal. For example if you see a therapist today you go home log onto myGov and claim the money on the portal and the money is transferred to your bank account in 48 hours.

Self management gives you a lot of leeway to purchase resources, use budgets for the supports you really need and not have to chase therapists to write support letters when buying equipment.

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