Hacks for your iPad

iPad Control & Usage

We all know how great iPads can be for our kids. Problem is they can be too motivating to the point of obsession. Any benefit is lost because they have complete control and they dictate usage.


Good thing is Apple have thought of this and in the settings tab there is a tab called accessibility. Within this tab is an option called guided access. Once enabled it will ask you to set a passcode. Make it something your child will not readily know. Once set press the home button three times and you are in guided access mode.

Guided Access Mode

This mode allows you to keep your child within an app e.g. Proloquo2go, and they cannot get out of it without pressing the home button three times and entering the code you have set up.

There is also the option to cut out areas of the screen you don’t want them to access. This can be really helpful for the children who will watch the same 5 minutes of a show over and over.

In this mode you can set up a timer too. ABC iview also has a timer function under settings and it will turn off after the set time is finished.

Screen Time Settings

Another great feature is screen time in settings – this allows you to restrict the apps your child can use, monitor and add limits to screen time and choose content that is appropriate.

Volume Control

Finally, you can also stop your child constantly turning up the volume on the iPad by setting a volume limit:

Go to Settings > Music > Volume Limit. To prevent changes to the volume limit, go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions. Turn on Content & Privacy Restrictions, tap Volume Limit, then tap Do not allow changes.

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